About the Human Book Club

Human Book Club Definition-A human book club is a space where people can share anecdotes or stories from their life. Hey Guys! Welcome to my simple blog! As some of you might know, I started this initiative on another one of my blogs- Whispering Stories. I got this idea on October 16th, while watching a... Continue Reading →

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Human Book Club #60 | Fake Friends

Hey guys! Siya this side, from The Dramatic Drama and yay, this is my first official post on HBC! I have no idea how to introduce myself but just know that I'll try my best to give you the best advice. A note from Riddhi: For those of you who are new to my blog,... Continue Reading →

Human Book Club #59: Overwhelming.

Hello Everyone, today, it's me Divi from the HBC answering our reader's question. I run a blog called The Name is Divi, and I've recently joined in as a co-author on this blog. Before we begin... Here's what today's entry says- I get overwhelmed so easily, My anxiety Creeps inside of me. Makes it hard... Continue Reading →

Human Book Club #58 | Pressure

Firstly let me introduce myself I am Simran from Far from perfect. Heyooo everyone I am 18, I am weird, I am wisdomous (don't worry that was purposefully misspelled) and I am excited (I am sorry I haven't done introductions in a loooong time I hath become a little rusty) Some things you should know... Continue Reading →

Human Book Club #54 | Ambition

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Let's get into today's entry! First thing, I am dark skinned and I don’t like it. Second thing, my mom thinks the only two jobs in this world is doctor and engineer. She says I have to choose between these two. But I don’t want either.... Continue Reading →

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